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Page Personnel

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Our approach

Page Personnel is characterised by a personal approach, this is expressed through very high involvement with your organisation. During interviews with the key figures in your organisation all aspects of the job role are addressed as well as the company culture and mission. These interviews can be done by telephone or in a personal meeting. Based on the information provided by you we will first perform an extensive search in our database.

Potential candidates have been or will be interviewed by us, specifically selected based on their relevant capacity for the role and fully informed about the vacancy and the organisation. Candidates are tested on their role and specific knowledge. Candidates that prove to fit your demands are then introduced to you. These interviews are all coordinated by Page Personnel. During the placement period we regularly evaluate with you and the temporary employees within your organisation.

All vacancies are placed on our website. We can also deliver additional support for specific profiles in order to generate more response (e.g. targeted advertisement in media publications). Page Personnel has a large network of partners in both printed media and on the internet that can be activated.

Naturally it is in our nature to work discretely. To guarantee privacy we have an ethical code of behaviour which is included in our general terms.

Our specificity

The consultants of Page Personnel are specialised in mediation for finance & accounting and sales & administration roles. Their specialisation...